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+700 jumps


75 hours

Indoor Skydiving


the beginning

I've always been in love with sports. All my life I have played different sports and dealt with different aspects of movement. I danced a lot as a child and then started swimming intensely. As I got older, after 9 years of swimming training, I switched sports and started roller skating. After all, I boxed together with a friend for some time. No matter what sport I do, I love to immerse myself in different worlds, move my body and see how far I can go. But no matter which sport was driving me, I always had the feeling that something was missing.
But I couldn't find out what it was.

Some time after my parents passed away, while browsing through photo albums I found pictures of my older brother's tandem jump. At that time we, together with the family, accompanied my brother to this experience. When I saw the pictures, I knew immediately that I wanted to try that too. All my life I was fascinated by the diversity of the sky, by the shapes and movements of the clouds and by flying itself. I always said that I could live like Tom Hanks in Terminal at the airport. So I looked for the closest drop zone and I knew: I wanted to learn how to fly!

On the same day I registered for the next AFF course. And just two weeks later I graduated from ground school and was finally able to experience my first parachute jump. I was more than overwhelmed, felt right away that this is what I want to do!

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One day I saw a video of the Norwegian national freefly team Zion and I was just so in love with their routine. I watched it maybe thousand times, showed it to everyone and from that moment on I wanted to do exactly the same as them! I was fascinated by the alleged ease with which they flew the figures and how strong and at the same time graceful their flight maneuvers looked. In addition to my full-time job and part-time studies, I spent every free minute at the drop zone in the time that followed. Waited for good weather conditions to jump and train more. During my AFF training, I started to train my free fall positions with indoor skydiving. In the first year I did my first 150 jumps and about 10 hours in the wind tunnel.

 I've been fascinated by skydiving since my first jumps. The endless possibility of combining all the movements from previously discovered sports and putting them together in sequences opens up ever new levels of fantasy and a new world full of ideas. I wanted to see very quickly how far I could go and where the limit was. But instead of finding any limits, I got to know more and more about my body and myself. The endless possibilities of flying figures and learning new sequences as well as the fascination with controlling everything with my own body, occupy me to this day!

my perspective



After moving to France in autumn 2018, I concentrated completely on skydiving and indoor skydiving. Since then I have been practicing indoor skydiving almost monthly for a week in St. Petersburg, Russia, with Yohann Aby, multiple world champion in freestyle skydiving. I spend my summer months following my friend, as a member of the French national team, of the artistic disciplines in skydiving, and at the same time training in the drop zones in France and Spain.

In 2019 I was selected for the first time to take part in the national stage of the artistic discipline. There I met my teammate Anthony Malié, the cameraman in our 2-way freestyle team cricket. The cooperation worked so well that we decided to compete at the Coupe de France in category N1 few weeks after. Competing against the big teams that compete and win on an international level was an incredible experience for us! We were able to learn a lot and are very grateful for the experience!

After a training-rich winter of 2019-2020, I was full of energy and had big goals for outdoor training in our 2-way team. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the plans for a monthly training session for my freestyle team. After only two more national stages, with Yohann Aby as coach, we had to create our routine for the Championnat de France. After such a small training session we couldn't expect miracles, but we are still very happy to have mastered our first Championnat de France in the N1 category!


Now we are even more motivated and excited about the 2021 season and we can hardly wait to implement all other ideas and visions. Until then, I will continue to train in indoor skydiving to perfect the movements and learn new sequences!

Cricket Freestyle & MAVERICK Freefly


After two years competing in Freestyle, I joined MAVERICK Freefly Team in 2021 to learn more about flying 3-way and competing in a new category. With 120 training jumps in Empuriabrava and France and quite some tunnel training we ended up on the third place during French Championship in Frétroy. This is a super result and we're very happy about! 

Now we're super "chaud" for the next season to start and being the French Relève Team!

MAVERICK Team is Johann, Romain and me :)

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