My Yoga Journey

You could say that I found yoga - but in my case it is rather the other way around. Yoga found me. And at a moment in my life when I needed it most, namely when I had made the biggest decision of my life so far. I quit my job with a large international company, left my beloved family and friends and moved to Paris to live with my boyfriend. I didn't think it would be difficult either. But living in a country whose language I didn't speak without knowing someone and not having a normal everyday life or a "normal" job was sometimes a big challenge for me. I began to lose more and more self-confidence and my happy being.

One day I discovered a yoga post on my social media. I liked how elegant and strong the pose looked and I wanted to see if I could do that too. I had already "sniffed" in Pilates and some yoga courses in Germany, but never followed the exercises precisely. The next morning I started doing a few positions and to be honest, I was a little "rusty". But I had a lot of fun and I could feel how good the movements, stretches and positions did me. I started visiting various yoga studios in Paris, reading books and deepening my practice. It was unbelievable how much positive energy I was able to recharge through my yoga practice and I could literally notice how I was regaining more strength and slowly also my self-confidence.

DSC_4217.jpg_be Kopie-2.jpg

I wanted to share this experience, the power of yoga with my friends and family, but I didn't felt ready. So I decided to deepen and intensify my practice even further and complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, which I did with the wonderful team of Transformational Yoga Paris. And finally, it was the course that showed me that yoga is not just asana training, but that there is so much more. Pranayama, chakras, meditation ... I didn't know it was possible - but I fell even more in love with yoga!

To deepen my understanding and balance my dynamic and more yang styled yoga – I completed two Yin Yoga and Chinese Meridians Teacher Trainings (100 hours) with Annie Au. During the trainings I've learned to not only sequence Yin in a soulful and distressing way but also how powerful the knowledge and consideration of the Chinese Meridians can be.

And here I am now. As a certificated and registered Yoga Teacher I am trying to deepen my awareness every moment, to find a balance in my life and to live with even more love, kindness and compassion. I am a teacher but I'll always be a student. And my students are my greatest teachers.

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