I am happy to support you through your personal Yoga journey!

As I know you are certainly busy with your daily life, I do not have a continuous class planning so that I can adapt the courses to your own schedule. Please find below all my different offers and prices. If you can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me.

My classes are all well-balanced with necessary movements to feel better in your body and mind. That's why I love to concentrate on stretching and strengthening the body in the same time. In addition to that I like to take a focus on breathing-techniques as well as balancing moments. 


My practice is for everyone from a complete beginner to an intermediate Yogi. The practice with me can be powerful and challenging but also calm and relaxing – it's up to you and your needs!

My classes can be held in English or German.

All my classes will be held with supportive music.

I am teaching ONLINE as well as IN PERSON!

Unless otherwise agreed, open Yoga classes take place exclusively in Paris.

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For booking requests and any questions you might have, please contact via email ( to schedule and discuss.


The personal one-on-one Yoga course is perfect for you, if you are looking to work on your own goals, in your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or outside in a parc if you prefer.
I create every course according to your wishes and needs. Everything will be attuned to support your Yoga 




If you would like to practice together with your beloved friends and family, the private group classes are just made for you! Here you have the chance to share your Jogi journey and to support each other in the unique environment of the classes which are just made for you and your family and friends. Up to six Yogis can join a private group class. Group classes start from three Yogis.



I am organizing some open group classes in Paris. Here you have the chance to meet new Yogis from all around the world and share your Yoga journey with them. The classes will be held during the warm spring-summer-autumn month in the beautiful parks in Paris. Group classes start from three Yogis.


Hello everyone


I am sorry that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic all in-person-classes are "on hold" and cannot take place at the moment! 

If you would like to continue your yoga journey with me or just want to start yoga please contact me so that we can schedule an online-class!

If you would like to join a group online-class please check out my schedule!